Family Saving

Beanstalk makes it easy for grandparents, other family and friends to save more together for the children they love.

Our unique Invitations tool

Invite family and friends through the app and if they accept they will be linked to your your children’s accounts.

Invite family member to Beanstalk

See how family have helped

Not only will you can see all the gifts and contributions they have made to your children, but they can also keep tally of their contribution through their own app.

Invite family member to Beanstalk

Send messages with gifts

Donors can add their own personal messages when they make gifts so you and they both have a record.

Send a message with a gift

It’s easy whatever your family’s shape or budget

Families come in all shapes and sizes and Beanstalk fits them all:

  • Whether you want to give them a few hundred or many thousand when they are 18
  • Granny the only one putting money in – no issue!
  • Different people saving for your children or your step children – that works!