JISA Declaration

You are applying to open a Beanstalk stocks and shares Junior ISA. Please read the following information carefully. You may cancel the application by notifying us by email or in writing within 30 days.

By clicking confirm, you declare that:

  • You have read and agree with the Beanstalk Terms and Conditions;
  • You agree to the fees laid out here being charged to the Beanstalk account.
  • You confirm that to the best of your belief all the information you are providing in this application is true;
  • You agree to inform us within 30 days of any changes to details that you have provided us in this application;
  • You are over 18 and have parental responsibility for the child for whom you are opening the account;
  • You will be the registered contact for the JISA;
  • The child is resident in the UK or is a dependant of a UK Crown servant;
  • The child either i) does not have an existing Child Trust Fund or stocks & shares Junior ISA; or ii) has a Child Trust Fund or stocks & shares Junior ISA and that you will transfer it to Beanstalk;
  • You will not knowingly make subscriptions to Junior ISAs for the child that will result in the subscription limit being exceeded;
  • When you add a bank account, you agree to pay Beanstalk direct debits from the account detailed on your direct debit instruction subject to the safeguards provided by the Direct Debit Guarantee. You understand your instruction will be passed electronically to your bank / building society;

You authorise us to:

  • hold the child's subscriptions, JISA investments, interest, dividends and any other rights or proceeds in respect of those investments;
  • make on the child's behalf any claims to relief from tax in respect of JISA investments;

Understanding of product and risk

You confirm that:

  • You have been given the opportunity to read the Key Features Documents
  • You understand that the value of your investments could rise or fall and that you could receive back less than you invested.
  • You understand that tax rules and reliefs may change in future.
  • No advice has been given to you by Beanstalk or the Platform Provider

Application checks

In order to comply with Money Laundering regulations, Beanstalk may be required to confirm your identity and the source of any funds you contribute. You hereby authorise us to make whatever checks are necessary to verify your identity and you understand that this might include checks with a credit reference agency; this check will be used only for the purpose of confirming your identity.