Beanstalk Referral programme terms and conditions

The following general terms apply to any refer a friend incentive programme offered by Beanstalk. The details of the incentive programme on offer from time to time and any specific terms relating to the programme will be outlined on the Beanstalk website, app and/or email at that time.

  • Participants must use the refer tool on the Beanstalk app to refer friends. Beanstalk tracks referrals by matching the email address entered on the refer tool with new registrants on the app. Unless otherwise specified, referrals made by other means or where the referred person uses a different email to join Beanstalk will not be tracked and will not be eligible for the incentive.
  • The person referred must be a new registrant on Beanstalk. Existing Beanstalk members will not be eligible for the referral incentive. If two people refer the same person, then the incentive will be given to the individual who made the first referral as recorded by Beanstalk.
  • The prize or incentive offered is non-negotiable and cannot be exchanged, transferred or refunded for an alternative. However, if we are unable to provide the prize or incentive then we will choose a subsequent alternative prize /incentive of the same value.
  • Where the incentive is a contribution into a participant’s Beanstalk account, the incentive will only be paid if the participant has an open Beanstalk JISA and / or ISA. If the participant has more than one Beanstalk account, then the incentive will be split equally between any open accounts. Prizes will be paid directly into Beanstalk JISAs. Due to HMRC rules, we are unable to pay money directly into an ISA so we will give the prize as KidStart Savings if the member only has an open ISA.
  • Incentives will only be given for genuine referrals in keeping with spirit of the refer a friend programme. Incentives will not be given where a Beanstalk account is opened and then cancelled within the cancellation period, where referred members or members making the referrals are not genuine individuals or where there are attempts by syndicates to exploit the programme for gain. Beanstalk reserves the right at its absolute discretion to cancel incentives for referrals that it considers do not comply with these terms and conditions.
  • Beanstalk is entitled to change, extend, or cancel the refer a friend programme, terms and conditions and any other relevant material as required without prior notice. By participating, participants will have been deemed to have agreed with these terms and conditions and any revisions or amendments. The participant agrees that Beanstalk will not accept liability for such changes or any inconvenience caused.
  • Beanstalk’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • Beanstalk will only use the personal details supplied by the referrer for the administration of the Refer a Friend scheme and for no other purpose, unless we have the referred person’s consent.