Saving for you and your kids made simple

  • Build a pot of money whatever your budget
  • Link Family & Friends so they can help out
  • Clever tools to save little and often
Beanstalk - Saving for you and your kids

Beanstalk makes saving and investing easy

Choose how you would like your child's savings invested

Allocate your savings between a money market fund / shares fund from L&G and Fidelity with our unique slider tool



With this choice, £1000 invested for your child ten years ago would now be worth £2300
Note: Values calculated using fund price less our fee over 10 years until the end of last quarter. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority


Covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme up to £85,000 for claims relating to investment products


Your money and investments are held under FCA client money / custody rules by our authorised custodian

What makes Beanstalk unique?

We’ve made it incredibly easy for grandparents and other friends and family to help out

Our fee is just 0.5% of account value annually, one of the lowest around (the funds we offer have fees of 0.12% to 0.15% deducted within the fund)

Everything is in the app, no trips to the bank required nor long waits for paper statements

Round ups, gift links, money back on your shopping, instant top ups are just a few of them
The power of family saving - Beanstalk

What our users say

Recently opened a Beanstalk ISA for our son as a way for us to tuck a little amount away each month till he’s 18. Great app - very straightforward to use - some really useful tools on there

Michael C. Busy Dad / Government Officer

In my view beanstalk is a great app. It allows parents, grandparents and friends to contribute to a child's savings. Often grandparents have no idea what to give to their grandchildren for christmas, birthdays etc. If they give them money then I'm pretty sure most kids would spend it. Beanstalk allows their savings to grow.

Andi A. Mother / Chartered ALIBF

Loving this app. Great way to save for my kids future. It's so transparent compared to the other junior ISAs in some banks. I will definitely recommend it.

Oluwatosin A. Mother / Regulatory Expert

There is just so much information out there so it was refreshing to find out about Beanstalk through Kidstart. It was an extremely easy and straightforward process to set up two accounts for my son's. Peace of mind this has now been sorted for them.

Ursh R

Two of my children had CTF's with another company and Beanstalk helped me transfer the funds. Everything was easy and straightforward, they are so friendly and helpful I would highly recommend Beanstalk to anyone. I'm even thinking of setting up an ISA for myself with them.

Kerry S.

They have the best customer support I have ever dealt with. On top of this the app is easy to use and everything about investing with them is fully explained on the website. A great way to save, as no investment knowledge is required.

Michael S.

Excellent concept, really looking forward to saving with Beanstalk for my daughter and what first class Customer service also. 5 STARS Beanstalk, thank you!

Rachelle R.Mother

Absolutely amazing app. Great way to track kids savings via JISA and Stock and Shares and also great that me and my wife can save a little for ourselves. They really think about individuals and families too!

Hayesh G.Father

Reassuringly great. The sign up process is easy but thorough, communication is excellent and the features being added and how they interact with the app are great. I love swiping on round ups. I have accounts for myself and my 2 children and they're easily accessible and adjustable in one place.

Jack H.Father

I opened a Beanstalk account when I realised that interest rates on kids’ savings accounts were not increasing at the same pace as adult savings accounts, so a stocks and shares ISA felt like a better option. Top up is quick and simple and you can do it with as little as £10. I also collect money back into my child's Beanstalk account from Octopus Energy. They pay 1% of my energy bill every month.

Sarah C.Mother/ Company Director

Beanstalk is the newest member of the KidStart family. KidStart is the shopping club for parents that has been helping families save for their children for over 15 years and has helped thousands of families save millions for their little ones.

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