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Families come in all shapes and sizes and we aim to help all types build a nest egg for themselves and their kids. Here are a few examples:

saving for my child's future review

"When I buy a coffee or go shopping, I'm saving for my child's future"

"I looked at setting up a savings account for my daughter, Carmen, when she was born, but it always seemed too complicated, with too many choices to make, I had no idea if I was doing the right thing or not.

I've found Beanstalk to be very straight-forward, I just downloaded the app and in two minutes it was all set-up. It's so simple that the grandparents can quickly and easily contribute. The KidStart savings and round up functions mean that our shopping is adding to her savings, and even buying a coffee or sandwich can top up the account."

Veli Dad to Carmen
JISA  family effort reviewer

"Saving for the children’s JISA is a real family effort"

"We initially opened a stocks and shares Junior ISA because our two children had inherited some money from their grandma and it was important that it was put away for their future.

Where Beanstalk has made a real difference is that rather than this being a one-off payment, when their other grandparents said they wanted to start putting away some money each month for all their grandchildren, all we had to do was simply invite them from the Beanstalk app and they had all the information they needed. This simplicity and flexibility make a real difference."

Richard Marketing Consultant and Dad to Merryn and Noah
easy to transfer CTF reviewer

"It was easy to transfer my son’s CTF to a Junior ISA"

"My son had a Child Trust Fund which was being charged 1.5% per year. We found it difficult to stay on top of what was going on with his account. I had already saved £200 by using KidStart and, when they launched their Beanstalk Junior ISA, I looked into how much we could be saving on fees.

It was easy to transfer Arda’s CTF and I love the fact that we can keep track of his account through the app."

Ozlem Maths Teacher and Mum to Arda

What our users say

Recently opened a Beanstalk ISA for our son as a way for us to tuck a little amount away each month till he’s 18. Great app - very straightforward to use - some really useful tools on there

Michael C. Busy Dad / Government Officer

In my view beanstalk is a great app. It allows parents, grandparents and friends to contribute to a child's savings. Often grandparents have no idea what to give to their grandchildren for christmas, birthdays etc. If they give them money then I'm pretty sure most kids would spend it. Beanstalk allows their savings to grow.

Andi A. Mother / Chartered ALIBF

Loving this app. Great way to save for my kids future. It's so transparent compared to the other junior ISAs in some banks. I will definitely recommend it.

Oluwatosin A. Mother / Regulatory Expert

There is just so much information out there so it was refreshing to find out about Beanstalk through Kidstart. It was an extremely easy and straightforward process to set up two accounts for my son's. Peace of mind this has now been sorted for them.

Ursh R

Two of my children had CTF's with another company and Beanstalk helped me transfer the funds. Everything was easy and straightforward, they are so friendly and helpful I would highly recommend Beanstalk to anyone. I'm even thinking of setting up an ISA for myself with them.

Kerry S.

They have the best customer support I have ever dealt with. On top of this the app is easy to use and everything about investing with them is fully explained on the website. A great way to save, as no investment knowledge is required.

Michael S.

Excellent concept, really looking forward to saving with Beanstalk for my daughter and what first class Customer service also. 5 STARS Beanstalk, thank you!

Rachelle R.Mother

Absolutely amazing app. Great way to track kids savings via JISA and Stock and Shares and also great that me and my wife can save a little for ourselves. They really think about individuals and families too!

Hayesh G.Father

Reassuringly great. The sign up process is easy but thorough, communication is excellent and the features being added and how they interact with the app are great. I love swiping on round ups. I have accounts for myself and my 2 children and they're easily accessible and adjustable in one place.

Jack H.Father

I opened a Beanstalk account when I realised that interest rates on kids’ savings accounts were not increasing at the same pace as adult savings accounts, so a stocks and shares ISA felt like a better option. Top up is quick and simple and you can do it with as little as £10. I also collect money back into my child's Beanstalk account from Octopus Energy. They pay 1% of my energy bill every month.

Sarah C.Mother/ Company Director
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