Beanstalk Gift Links success story & how it can making gifting simple

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Beanstalk Gift Links success story & how it can making gifting simple

We talked with Makena-Grace's family about Beanstalk’s new Gifting tool and how they used it for her birthday.

Morgan C is mum to Makena-Grace and her work as a Primary school SEN Learning Support Assistant means she doesn’t always have time after to work to visit the bank.

Giving and receiving money for children at birthdays can be a hassle. For friends and relatives, choosing a gift can be difficult. We have long suspected most plastic toys end up in the bin, but recent research shows that 80% of all toys end up in a landfill, incinerators, or the ocean (1) and on average, a child loses interest in a toy within just 36 days (2).

But for Morgan C's family, Beanstalk’s new gifting tool has proven to be a big hit. Makena-Grace recently turned 2 years old and Morgan shared her personal gifting page to friends and family. “I shared it with everybody we invited to the party via WhatsApp. It was SUPER convenient! No need to rush to the bank in person after work, put the money in my account and then transfer it over (which is what I usually did). And no need for those gifting to find card readers and add me as a new payee on online banking.”

Beanstalk’s gifting tool allows friends and family to give one-off contributions to your child’s Beanstalk account, up to the value of £250. Givers can send messages with their gifts which the parent can reply to. Morgan commented “It was nice to get the email notifications of who had gifted. I took the time to send a thank you message, too.”

How does the Beanstalk gifting tool work?

- From the Beanstalk app copy your child’s unique gift link page and share it friends and family.

- They can make one-off top-ups to your child’s account with a few simple clicks – no card details or setting up new payee on their banking app required.

- Parents receive a notification and personal message from the giver which they can reply to.

Beanstalk Gifting

(1) Ellen MacArthur Foundation (2) 2019 Survey by the British Heart Foundation

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