New! Unveiling full donor view and other developments

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New! Unveiling full donor view and other developments

We’re thrilled to unveil a great new feature which you will find in our latest app release. We’ve called it “Full View” and with it you get much greater control over what information donors to your child’s Junior ISA can see.

It’s a feature that Beanstalk users have suggested we add; we thought it was a great idea so are very pleased to introduce it. We’ve explained how it works below but let us know what you think and please keep those suggestions coming!

Introducing “Full View”

One of Beanstalk’s unique features is the invite tool letting you link others such as the other parent, a grandparent or even an aunt or uncle directly to your child’s Junior ISA. We know many of our users take advantage of this, and children with more than one person contributing have on average 70% more saved for them.

When linking someone else to your child’s account, you can now decide whether to allow them “Full View” or not. With Full View enabled, the donor can see all the same information you see such as the value of the account, the holdings and how much has been contributed by each donor. If Full View is not enabled, the donor only sees the gifts they have made.

Controlling who sees what

The registered contact (the person who originally set up the child’s account) controls this. In the tools menu, under “Invites”, you will see a list of all the people that you have invited and which children they are linked to. Click “set permissions” at the bottom and you can control who has what permission. Just make sure you save any changes you have made by clicking save changes.

Full donor view

One thing to note: only the registered contact (the parent who set up the account) is allowed to make changes to how the account is invested so although a donor can see the investments with Full View, they will not be able to change the investment allocation.

We’ve also updated the donor experience

Under Government rules, only the parent or legal guardian can set up a Junior ISA for a child. We know that many grandparents want to save for their grandchild and would love to open the Junior ISA themselves but they are not allowed.

To make things easier, we have also introduced a new process for grandparents and others who are not the child’s legal guardian but would like the parent to open a Junior ISA so they can make contributions.

The way it works is that the grandparent can now register the child onto Beanstalk indicating they would like a Junior ISA opened. They can then trigger a message to the parent asking them to complete the process. When the parent logs in / registers on Beanstalk, they are prompted to confirm the child’s details and open the Junior ISA. Finally the grandparent will be notified automatically when everything is done to they can go ahead and start making contributions.

We hope you like the new features but as always please do let us know what you think or whether you have further suggestions.

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