Introducing the Beanstalk app's new home screen

The Beanstalk Team
Introducing the Beanstalk app's new home screen

If you are on the Beanstalk app, you may already have noticed but we are very excited to share that we’ve updated the app’s home screen to include extra information and some new features. Our team have been working on it for the last few weeks, bouncing ideas around and testing new things to improve your experience on our app. We do hope you like it.

Here’s what you will find, but if you have any feedback, please feel free to drop us a line. We love getting input from our valued members!

The major change is to move the messages section from the home screen to its own page in the app. You will still see the three most recent messages but you can get to the complete list by clicking see all or going to the tools menu.

We did this so we could free up space for three things:

  1. Highlight great offers for Beanstalk users. Through our sister business, KidStart, we get access to some great moneyback offers from thousands of retail partners with all the money collected back going straight into your children’s Beanstalk account. Many of these are special to us, for example: 1% back on your bill with Octopus Energy, or time limited like 16% back at The Body Shop which is available now so we plan to show the very best ones here.
  2. Share recent guides and articles. As we grow we are adding more articles and guides on saving, investing and how to use Beanstalk. These are accessible in the support section under knowledge base but we plan to include recent ones on the home page. We are planning to add a lot more content here over the coming months, including video how to guides. Do keep a look out!
  3. Prompt suggestions and actions you need to take. You won’t always see these but if there are actions you need to take on your account, or ideas that we’d like to share with you, you will see links to them at the top of the screen. These could be reminders if your round up consent has expired or exclusive deals like the one we have arranged with Octopus Money Coach where members can get a free coaching session.

We are always looking to add more features to the app, so please do share any ideas you have and watch out for further developments.

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